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Prince of persia 2008 Review

For return i have decided to talk about prince of persia 2008 yes i understand that it was a last year game but thought i would tell you since i just played now anyway.

This game is a alright game with some good grapics the storyline in it another good thing but i hadn’t finished it yet so i have know idea if the story is any good still further in the game the co op system is very good for what it comes with the only problem i have with it at the moment is the seed collecting which are a must have thing in the game if you want to progress further in the game.

their are most likely lots more but haven’t found it yet. I would suggest hiring the game if possible because you might not like it as much as you did with the other prince of persia series.


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Theres a call of duty 5 trailer

Hi was dishing around for news to put something on my blog when i came across this forum saying there is a leaked trailer for call of duty 5. Is this call of duty 5 or spin off?

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