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Prince of persia 2008 Review

For return i have decided to talk about prince of persia 2008 yes i understand that it was a last year game but thought i would tell you since i just played now anyway.

This game is a alright game with some good grapics the storyline in it another good thing but i hadn’t finished it yet so i have know idea if the story is any good still further in the game the co op system is very good for what it comes with the only problem i have with it at the moment is the seed collecting which are a must have thing in the game if you want to progress further in the game.

their are most likely lots more but haven’t found it yet. I would suggest hiring the game if possible because you might not like it as much as you did with the other prince of persia series.


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Wow to my surprise i had forgot all about this site and just now thought about coming back on having no clue that i had left this blog on here i might as well keep it going on this since their were a few people that have been looking at this which again was a big surprise for me.

well i see how i go, cheers.

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Diablo 3 on it’s way

Again i am very sorry readers about the delay in writing but i have been very busy lately but i have some free time i will be able to post more news and reviews for you.

Well it seems that blizzard the creators of the diablo series are planning in bring a diablo 3 for the pc which is great news for the fans such as myself and hope for the readers as well there is a  gameplay trailer in which they explain most of what there doing to game that makes it better then the others and there also show you a new character in it, that you will be able to play.

well enjoy and hope too see you back here again.

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Sorry fellow readers

I’m sorry i haven’t posted in the games section much cause i was doing a interview on The Pakistani Spectator

about my blog why i blog i be happy if you check it out thanks.

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nothing to do with gaming

My fellow readers please note, which i am sure you already are were of but watch for spammer’s there are everywhere i have just recieved a comment from someone requesting a interview but thanks to wordpress spam check i was able to find out that it was a spam, thanks wordpress.

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Ninja Gaiden funny flash cartoon

I was going on one of my favorite sites called newgrounds when i came across awesome gaiden a small but funny little animation made by Egorapter if heard of this creater then you would know that he has made some of the best series of awesomes pareody games, but if you haven’t then if you enjoy this then you going to love the rest of the series.

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Theres a call of duty 5 trailer

Hi was dishing around for news to put something on my blog when i came across this forum saying there is a leaked trailer for call of duty 5. Is this call of duty 5 or spin off?

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